Key Success Factors

1- We have an experienced management team and high talent
2- We are implementing large-scale projects, which include residential buildings, commercial properties, educational buildings, tourism and recreational and industrial buildings, in addition to processing machinery and equipment of all kinds to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil,
3- We recognize the work time required without the low quality of the work
4- We adhere to rigid labor assets
5- We are working in any geographic area whatever the circumstances, regardless of factors assistance.
6- We are experienced in partnership with sub-specialize partners
7- We are partnering with the largest international banks in Iraq to ensure the proper and continuous access to financial instruments always,
8- constantly maintain our relationship is long-term relationships and permanently with our international clients, such as.
9- we are doing any work (or constructive materials processing) with the Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Electricity and foreign companies affiliated to them
– 10- We have a broad and comprehensive expertise in all areas of engineering and through contracted with consulting firms specializing in providing proper engineering opinion.


Our location

Al- Jmhooria St. Thi-Qar, Nassiriya, Iraq.

Opening Hour

Saturday - Thursday @09.00 - 17.00

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Phone: + 964-7804411568